How the Northern Cancer Alliance is Accelerating Cancer Pathways with Intelligent Automation

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The Northern Cancer Alliance is one of 21 cancer alliances across the United Kingdom. It is part of the biggest Integrated Care Systems geographically, with 8 secondary care providers, 64 Primary Care Networks, and 365 GP practices.

The Northern Cancer alliance is dedicated to driving out healthcare inequalities and improving outcomes for everyone affected by cancer by delivering the best possible patient experience. One tool the alliance has embraced to aid this mission is intelligent automation.

In this video Sheron Robson, programme manager at the Northern Cancer Alliance, describes how digital workers have been deployed to help improve the delivery and tracking of cancer pathways.

Highlights include:

  • How automation has saved the Gastrointestinal pathways team 24 hours a week.
  • How North Cumbria has shaved 50 hours a week off of the cancer tracking time.
  • How digital workers have helped to drive out data variation within the system.
The biggest challenge to the NHS at the moment is workforce. RPA is something that can positively contribute to the delivery of the tracking on our cancer pathways in a way that doesn't involve recruitment. So I would encourage other cancer alliances or cancer service providers to consider using automation to support the delivery of the cancer pathways in their patch
Sheron Robson Programme Manager, Northern Cancer Alliance
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