Achieving Service Assurance Excellence with intelligent automation and event-driven orchestration

A Blue Prism, Mobile Cloud and webinar

43% of businesses said they will reduce their workforce following technology integration (2020 World Economic Forum), but how will companies ensure their customers, partners and employees continue to maintain and improve the levels of service they have come to expect ?

Imagine being able to automatically receive service requests, diagnose and isolate faults across disparate infrastructure environments and auto remediate by dovetailing traditional RPA processes with specialist infrastructure automation. In doing so, reducing time to solve, the effort to fix and getting service back to the end user; consistently, cost effectively and with full Service Assurance compliance.

But enterprise infrastructure is complex requiring highly skilled teams to manage. And, an increasing number of workloads are migrating to the cloud with microservices and distributed application architectures presenting novel and unique challenges. This avalanche of complexity represents a tremendous challenge for IT infrastructure & operations teams tasked with managing the service level of business-critical applications.

The service assurance challenge can only be tackled through a rethink of Intelligent Automation across both business and Infrastructure …. Automation experts recognise that RPA can be extended into the world of IT Infrastructure to realise the ability to deliver end to end Service Assurance. Fortunately, business leaders are beginning to recognise that the solution to the infrastructure complexity problem requires a concerted, strategic application of multiple automation technologies; Gartner “hyperautomation” approach.

In this webinar, we explore and discuss how Blue Prism’s RPA solution combines with’s Event-Driven Infrastructure Orchestration solution to enable a powerful new approach to achieving Service Assurance excellence. This new approach features automation solutions working together to diagnose and auto-remediate incidents to maintain service quality and availability while reducing time-to-normal in situations requiring human intervention.

Key Discussion Points:

• Why Service Assurance excellence is a “hyper automation” challenge

• How RPA sets the stage for the enterprise automation journey

• The role and impact of Event-Driven Infrastructure Orchestration and its unique benefits

• How this integrated Hyper automation approach delivers end to end Service Assurance


Stewart Guy, Director of Business Development, Mobile Cloud

Dale Smith, Chief Marketing Officer,

Paul Swaddle, Solution Consulting Director UKI, Blue Prism

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