Automatic ESG Reporting Made Easy

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Learn how ESG-SmartBoard can help your organization achieve its ESG goals while increasing efficiency and engagement – without overcomplicating it.

We will discuss:

  • ESG Strategies – how to define a balanced ESG strategy
  • Data Sources – how to select the relevant data
  • Automatic ESG Data collection – how to make data collection easy by using AI
  • Tracking and Visualization of selected data – data analysis and verification are crucial to avoid greenwashing
  • Publishing of Automatic and Digital ESG Reports – why wait a year to see historic data when you can have an online digital report?

In recent years, there has been an unprecedented push for enhanced transparency around Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors. And now, with the introduction of ESG-SmartBoard, automating reporting to create a comprehensive overview of selected data has become easier than ever.

Using SS&C Blue Prism Robots to collect data, ESG-SmartBoard streamlines the reporting process and simplifies data collection. Moreover, this powerful tool is designed to boost employee engagement and commitment to the overall ESG strategy, by presenting individual targets and a list of associated improvement actions for each employee.

Kasper Mortensen, the Chief Commercial Officer from Høgsbro+ will share his experience on automating their reporting processes by implementing ESG-Smartboard. 

Companies are increasingly met with demands for ESG reporting from customers, regulators, and banks/investors. Join this session and discover how automatic digital reporting can help you meet these requirements


Harald Riis Thomsen

CEO and Founder, CC-Interactive

Kasper Mortensen

CCO, Høgsbro+

Ola Ramberg

Channel Manager Nordics, SS&C Blue Prism

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