Automating the Outpatient Department

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With urgent calls for additional capacity to be created, many hospitals saw the mass discharging of patients, widespread cancellations for planned operations, and a growing dependence on remote consultations in the wake of Covid-19. As a result, hospitals have found themselves with a severe backlog of non-Covid care and overwhelmed Outpatient Departments. Getting back on track will be no easy feat, but you’ll be pleased to know that organizations are finding solutions.

Automation has been instrumental for several NHS Trusts’, who over the last nine months have been using Digital Workers to execute their appointment rebooking service and Did Not Attend process: helping them to prevent a backlog and ensure patient care is prioritized. One of these Trusts is Royal Surrey Foundation Trust. During this session, Karen Gorman, Healthcare Director for Blue Prism, and Sharon Osterfield, Program Manager for Royal Surrey, will walk through these use cases, helping you to understand exactly where automation is being put to use, and the effect it’s having.

This 45-minute workshop will cover:

  1. The benefits of automating within the Outpatients Department
  2. Royal Surrey's Outpatient Transformation Journey
  3. An overview of building your Outpatient Automation business case


Sharon Osterfield Headshot

Sharon Osterfield

Program Manager, Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust

Karen Gorman Headshot

Karen Gorman

Healthcare Account Director, Blue Prism

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