Customer-Centric Automation at Uniper – Driving Digital Transformation with Intelligent Automation

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Discover how Uniper, a leading global energy company based in Düsseldorf, Germany, is pioneering customer-centric automation to optimize processes and enhance efficiency. Learn about their strategic approach to digital transformation, leveraging Centers of Excellence (CoEs) like Blue Prism's RPA CoE to ensure scalable and governed operations.

Explore a unified customer journey for intelligent automation, ensuring seamless solution delivery through agile methodologies and robust governance frameworks.

Key Takeaways:

  • Implementation Insights: Learn how Uniper successfully implemented intelligent automation and the valuable lessons learned.
  • Achieving Success: Understand the factors contributing to Uniper's successful automation journey.
  • Timeline: Discover how long it took Uniper to achieve notable milestones in automation adoption.
  • Strategic Overview: Receive a high-level presentation on Uniper's approach to integrating automation tools and technologies.

Gain practical insights into leveraging a value framework to identify, assess, and implement automation opportunities, unlocking the full potential of intelligent automation in your organization.


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Sneha Mascarenhas

Head of Process Automation, Uniper

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