SS&C Blue Prism Café: Moving More with Less

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Highlights include:

How Loadsmart Optimized Its Supply Chain Logistics with IA

Loadsmart is on a mission to “Move More with Less”. By using intelligent automation and a suite of complementary technologies to underpin operations, Loadsmart has optimized its supply chain and realized more than $836,000 of annualized savings in its first year alone.

Join Justin Berrett, Director of Optimization at Loadsmart; Guilherme Gorges, RPA Engineer at Loadsmart; and Lana Bednarczyk at Reveal Group as they explore how Loadsmart has achieved such significant benefits in such a small space of time and the foundations they’ve laid to maintain this trajectory.

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Justin headshot

Justin Berrett

Director of Business Optimization, Loadsmart

Guil headshot

Guilherme Gorges

RPA Engineer, Loadsmart

Lana Headshot

Lana Bednarczyk

Senior Manager, Reveal Group

Anthony Headshot

Anthony Graziano

Alliance Director, Cloud Provider Partners

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