BPM Tips & Takeaways on Improving the Customer and Employee Experience

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Watch our BPM (Business Process Management) Tips & Takeaways - Improving the Customer and Employee Experience Webinar. Where we explore and uncover the myths around business process management (BPM). View to learn from BPM experts Simon James and Nathan Finder, and our esteemed customer Kylie Gormly, VP of customer experience, SILAC.

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    • Learn how to apply BPM to enhance both customer and employee experiences like Kylie Gormly, VP of customer experience did at SILAC.
    • Learn effective strategies for implementing BPM to optimize your processes. 
    • Gain practical tips to enhance operational efficiency within your organization.


    Simon James

    Simon James

    Solutions Sales Expert, SS&C Blue Prism

    Kylie Gormly

    Kylie Gormly (SILAC)

    VP of Customer Experience at SILAC

    Nathan Finder

    Nathan Finder

    Senior Product Manager, SS&C Blue Prism

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