Customer Success Lunch and Learn: Empowering Citizen Developers

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Join us for an insightful session in our "Customer Success Lunch and Learn" series featuring Jabil, the 2024 SS&C Rising Star Customer Excellence Award winner. Discover how Jabil leveraged the foundation of the SS&C Blue Prism Robotic Operating Model 2 (ROM 2) to establish a robust citizen developer program, leading to remarkable automation successes and transformative business outcomes. 

In just one year, Jabil automated 14 critical processes — significantly improving efficiency and satisfaction among customers and employees alike. Notably, one automation reduced delivery documentation handling time from months to days. Jabil's success is rooted in their strategic focus on training 100 employees as citizen developers, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. 

This webinar will delve into Jabil’s approach to overcoming operational challenges, achieving significant cost savings and driving digital transformation. Our discussion will provide practical insights into the foundational elements of their citizen development program, governance structures and the critical role of leadership buy-in and strategic communication. 

Key takeaways:

  • Citizen developer training: Understand how Jabil trained 100 employees and certified ten as citizen developers, creating a scalable and sustainable automation program.
  • Operational excellence: Learn about Jabil’s federated intelligent automation Center of Excellence (CoE) model that oversees 70 factories globally and supports diverse customer requirements.
  • Tangible benefits: Discover the quantifiable results of Jabil’s automation efforts, including returning 34,000 hours to the business and saving $70,000 monthly.
  • Success stories: Explore specific use cases such as streamlined planner tasks and reduced document upload times that illustrate the real-world impact of intelligent automation.
  • Strategic insights: Gain insights into the key success factors, including leadership engagement, structured communication plans and continuous assessment strategies, that fueled Jabil's achievements.



Benazir Farvin

Senior Customer Success Manager, SS&C Blue Prism


Dillon Chapman

Customer Success Director, SS&C Blue Prism


Renee Liu

Operations Development Director, Jabil

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