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You have deployed some Blue Prism automations. They are providing the results you expected. Now, how can you further increase the efficiency of your delivery methodology? Imagine a world where your solutions are reviewed not manually by a person, but automatically using an accelerator tool that is built to ensure compliance with the design standards and configuration best practices of Blue Prism’s ROM®. Reveal RoboReview® provides a real-time assessment of your automations and shows you where future failures or problems in your automation may occur. RoboReview, in partnership with Blue Prism, enables adherence to best practices and provides actionable instructions on how to improve your solutions to meet these standards.

The results it delivers provides resilient and robust automations that can be used time and time again, reducing the time spent supporting and maintaining processes in Production, and increasing the time to do what your automation team does best, create new automations. Learn how a multi-billion dollar insurance company used Reveal RoboReview to fasten the automation life cycle and built code to last!

Attendees will learn:

  • How RoboReview works, and the results it delivers
  • How RoboReview enables your design authority to enforce best practices
  • Where they can find more information and trial RoboReview

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