How Engie Launched and Scaled its Intelligent Automation Program

Discover how Engie Launched a Successful RPA Program and Delivered 115,000 Hours Back to its Business

Engie is a French multinational energy company, with customers in 48 countries and 170,000 employees. In this session, Engie, shares how and why they launched their RPA program in March 2017 and details its methods for successfully scaling a Blue Prism digital workforce. Engie has deployed Blue Prism digital workers to contact customers to resolve a variety of inquiries. Additionally, the company has evolved their program from traditional back-office processes to more complex processes and is connecting with technologies like natural language processing, optical character recognition and intelligent document processing.


Karin Vandermeer, Sub Chapter Lead Revenue Management, Engie
Robby Van Wert, Sub Chapter Lead Automation, Roborana

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