How RPA Enabled Pets at Home to Realize New Growth and Resilience

How RPA Enabled Pets at Home to Realize New Growth and Resilience

With an automation-first mindset, Pets at Home turned adversity into opportunity, despite the challenges retail has faced as a result of both COVID-19 and Brexit. Pets at Home is the UK's largest pet supplies retailer and they also have big ambitions of becoming the best pet care business in the world.

The key elements of Pets at Home’s intelligent automation growth strategy over the past year has been building reusable objects, reducing complexity, and making code easier to maintain and understand. The result of this focus has been greater speed, improved productivity, innovation and recognition, with their RPA team earning the moniker, the ‘Golden Team,’ by their IT department.

Join us on April 29th to hear how Pets at Home:

• Built an organizational structure and resilient workflows with the flexibility to cope with change

• Built automated processes to manage requirements gathering, go live, and production

• Learned what worked, what didn’t, and planned what they will focus on next

Join us as Pets at Home share their unique journey.

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