How to build a resilient and scalable digital workforce to respond to peaks and troughs in workload in your Insurance Business

BP Digital Workforce Co Funded Live Webinar

A webinar presented by Digital Workforce, Tasika and Blue Prism

During this fast-paced and Insightful webinar, we will look specifically at ways the UK insurance Industry can tackle and mitigate the immediate challenges brought on by the unwanted and costly consequences of spikes in customer contact, renewals, and claims events.

Satisfied customers give you lower costs and higher growth – if you can keep them happy. Discover how to exceed customer satisfaction even during these times of unprecedented spikes in customer demand.

We’ll then open up into our predictions of what lies ahead for the UK Insurance Industry and why growth-focused Insurance companies will need to do more than follow technological trends and innovation. They will need to lead them, and we’ll demonstrate a radically different approach to Intelligent Automation that will allow you to do just that.


  • Hugh Pelling, Senior Account Director, Blue Prism
  • Craig Nicholson, Chief Advisory Officer, Digital Workforce
  • Ruben Misfud, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Tasika
  • Lee Melia, Program Director, Tasika

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