Innovation through Digital Curiosity

Digital curiosity leads to digital success

We often talk about Digital Transformation as a known concept, a final destination and a fixed set of steps but the truth is often far from it.

The most enduring enterprises are, almost by definition, the most adaptable. And yet it is seldom observed that adaptability is highly correlated to playfulness, curiosity, openness and a willingness to experiment.

Cellophane, Teflon, X-Rays, Penicillin, Post-It Notes and Nylon and are all examples of inventions discovered whilst working on something else. Meanwhile, in the business world, we celebrate the ability to “pivot” young businesses, forgetting that large ones have the opportunity to do the same. What we ought to seek is not simply to digitize existing our business models but, rather, to uncover new business models that can be enabled through digitization. But this requires a culture change towards openness, experimentation.

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