Intelligent Automation Breathes New Life into Healthcare Organizations

Intelligent Automation Breathes New Life into Healthcare Organizations

As the pandemic continues its surge with the next wave across the regions, we continue to observe the unprecedented adoption of intelligent automation (IA) by healthcare organizations to reduce costs, improve back-office processes, curtail the shortage of healthcare professionals and provide better patient care. According to SS&C Blue Prism’s global healthcare survey report, 53% of professionals were found to be moderate or heavy users of automation five years ago — to 74% today.

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The rise and prevalence of other technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) also increased in use cases such as patient re-admission, staff forecasting, medication adherence and patient stay reduction, etc. The adoption of virtual visits and other forms of remote care in IA also grew tremendously over the past two years in the healthcare industry across the globe.

Together with Sharyn Catt, Managing Director & Founder of Virtual Blue, do join us in this webinar as Dan Ternes, CTO, Asia Pacific of SS&C Blue Prism discuss with Alexis Stewart, Director of Strategic Programs, Mercy Radiology Group how healthcare organizations are on a mission to digitally transform and create a value-based healthcare system.

The term “care anywhere” is becoming the mantra as more healthcare organizations recognize the financial benefits and patient demand for more convenient care. The emergence of the "hospital at home" is one response to the digital transformation occurring in healthcare.

  1. Discover intelligent automation and find out how you can embark on your digital transformation journey in the healthcare industry.
  2. Learn how Blue Prism’s digital workforce benefits healthcare by helping to reduce administrative workload for healthcare professionals, enabling better patient care or “care anywhere.”
  3. Discover some real-life examples of how healthcare organizations are leveraging automation to lower costs, increase employees’ satisfaction through work-life balance and support excellence in the patient experience.


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Dan Ternes

Chief Technology Officer, Asia Pacific at SS&C Blue Prism

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Alexis Stewart

Director of Strategic Programmes at Mercy Radiology Group

Sharyn Catt Zoom

Sharyn Catt

Managing Director & Founder at Virtual Blue

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