Intelligent Automation: Don’t fail! Scale!

There are endless possibilities to take your Automation Program to new heights with Blue Prism

Whether you’re just starting your RPA journey, or you have a thriving Center of Excellence (CoE) that’s automated several processes, this webinar will be insightful for either!
Blue Prism comes with a plethora of tools out of the box that can make a massive impact to your program along your RPA journey. And all at no extra charge.

In this webinar, we will cover 2 of our 7 foundations that make up our Robotic Operating Model, which is the secret to succeeding at RPA & Scaling. We also will cover the Process Assessment Tool (PAT) to help find out where to automate next and keep your automation pipeline full. Blue Prism Building Templates, that will help you to get going faster and build more resilient, robust automations will be covered as our last point.

Join us on April 14th at 10:00 CET

Corey Donohue, one of our Senior Consultants, will show you how these tools can really help your organization!

Speakers: Corey Donohue Senior Solution Consultant EMEA at Blue Prism

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