Leveraging Intelligent Automation to Support Core Business Strategy

Accelerating the adoption of technology to improve operational agility, reduce costs and enhance workforce effectiveness with intelligent automation

While Robotic Process Automation tools have matured over the last decade and are now widely adopted for enterprise-scale deployments, 2020 kicked-off countless automation and digital transformation initiatives for companies looking to improve their agility, reduce their costs, and enhance the effectiveness of their workforce during turbulent times.

During the recent PEX Live- Intelligent Automation & Robotic Processes 2021, our session focused on:

Leveraging Intelligent Automation to Support your Core Business Strategy

Intelligent Automation is well past the early adopter stage and is now being used as an enabler of core corporate goals such as competitiveness, growth, resilience and customer service. In a series of mini case studies, this session will share how two banks, a bread maker and a car manufacturer all used intelligent automation in very strategic ways and how you can leverage automation as tool for achieving strategic goals.

  • Significantly improving market competitiveness
  • Overcoming major IT legacy issues and post M&A challenges to transform customer service
  • Responding to market pressures and overcome legacy issues quickly and at low cost
  • Efficiently reallocating capital across the business in an ‘Opex shift'

Speaker: Eric Tyree, Head of AI, Blue Prism

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