Next Generation Intelligent Automation with ABBYY and Blue Prism

Explore Next Generation Intelligent Automation with ABBYY and Blue Prism

No matter where your organization is on its automation journey, ABBYY’s advanced technologies can elevate automation efforts to new heights alongside Blue Prism.

First, as a Blue Prism technology partner, ABBYY helps Blue Prism customers take advantage of critical content intelligence skills that make digital workers smarter. ABBYY’s technologies automatically classify and extract data, turning content into structured, actionable information.

Our integration with ABBYY’s no-code Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform means that enterprise customers can quickly and easily add document intelligence to the processing of unstructured content with instant connection to ABBYY skills—all while building a process within Blue Prism.

The result is Blue Prism digital workers that are ready to handle a range of functions and processes; dramatically improved and streamlined customer experiences; and increased operational efficiency across the enterprise. Ideal examples/use cases for this solution include Know Your Customer (KYC) activities, as well as anti-money laundering and loan application processes.

Combining content understanding and process understanding

The combination of content understanding, and process understanding is the second piece of the puzzle. This is where ABBYY can help enterprises both understand and marry these two critical areas within their digital transformation journey.

  • Content understanding includes advanced OCR, intelligent document processing (IDP), AI/ML, NLP, classification, and extraction/validation – all components of ABBYY’s market-leading technology.
  • Process understanding covers process mining, discovery, and task mining; as well as process analytics, real-time monitoring, human workflows, and predictive analytics.

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