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How The Insurance Sector is Harnessing Automation to Future Proof Business Models

Stream our latest webinar with Reuters Events and Insurance Nexus to get actionable insights on how key players in the Insurance Industry are future-proofing their businesses with Intelligent Automation



August 25, 2020


Byron hudson headshot
Byron Hudson

VP Sales, Americas, Blue Prism Cloud

Claire Burns headshot
Claire Burns

CMO and Chief Strategy Officer, Prudential

Jennifer daniel headshot
Jennifer Daniel

VP, Premier Technology Partnerships, Aflac

Robert g taylor headshot
Robert G Taylor

VP, Senior Corporate council, Liberty Mutual

It is widely accepted that the insurance industry was among the first wave of early adopters leveraging the power of digital labor and automation. Over a decade later, the market is still out ahead and shows no signs of slowing down.

Automation is a trusted and powerful solution within the industry. Reuters Events will be speaking with Claire Burns (CMO and Chief Strategy Officer) Prudential, Jennifer Daniel (VP, Premier Technology Partnerships) Aflac, Robert G. Taylor (VP, Senior Corporate Counsel) Liberty Mutual and Byron Hudson (VP of Sales, Americas) Blue Prism as they discuss how their automation journeys have taken shape and the key considerations required for building robust and secure programs.

Stream our on-demand webinar to get actionable insight on how to kickstart and develop your automation strategy. Learn how to:

  • Implement at pace and deliver fast and steady ROI: Uncover how to leverage innovative and connected technologies to deliver greater business impact across your organization
  • Scale your Digital Workforce to produce results across your organization: Discover how to redefine the blend of human and technology customer services and find optimal efficiency
  • Evolve your automation strategy from reactive to proactive: Learn how to modernize your innovation strategy to achieve leadership status and gain your competitive advantage

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