Webinar On-Demand: Preparing for the next normal of work in insurance

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We asked an insurance panel how they are harnessing the capabilities of intelligent automation to build employee engagement and supercharge business growth

2020 has been a period of significant change and disruption, and has transformed the way we work - perhaps irrevocably. During this past year the insurance workforce has had to rapidly adapt and mobilize, not only to meet the demands of new customer behaviors, but also to overcome the challenges that come with working remotely.

Join us on January 19 to discuss what the ‘next normal’ of work in insurance will look like, and how to build an agile workforce of tomorrow that is proactive to change, not just reactive to challenges. We will take an in-depth look into how insurers can harness the power of intelligent automation to not only enhance existing workforce capabilities, but promote business growth too.

In this webinar, we asked our panel:

  • How has COVID-19 changed the insurance workplace and what will be permanent?
  • To what extent has AI adoption accelerated, and how has this impacted human roles?
  • How can insurers transform their organization to be proactive to change rather than reactive?
  • What can insurance providers do to empower their workforce at all levels?
  • What does the insurance workforce of tomorrow look like?

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Richard beaven picture

Richard Beaven

Chief Operating Officer, Brightside Insurance Group

1 john davison 1st central group

John Davison

Chief Information Officer, First Central Insurance

Juliette foster photo

Juliette Foster

Webinar Host, Journalist and Writer

Hugh Pelling Headshot

Hugh Pelling

Insurance Account Director, Insurance

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