Reimagining Your Business Processes with Intelligent Workflows

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The need for Workflow and Process Automation has become paramount in the backdrop of COVID-19 pandemic.

Traditionally organisations have deliberated efforts to digitize their end to end processes in context of broader change management hurdles and workforce management challenges. However, in the backdrop of the pandemic, it has become very apparent that organizations who are better prepared digitally will continue to stay relevant, whereas those without a digital framework in place will struggle with supply chain, cash flow and business continuity.

A key learning here is the need to take an end-to-end approach to digitization and automation to automate front to back processes - across sales, supply chain, back office and shared services in the back end. As the future workforce is becoming location independent, steered by human and digital resources, Intelligent Workflows will be key to drive value for businesses in both cost and growth.

Join experts from IBM and BluePrism to explore more on Intelligent Workflows. We will deep-dive on key topics like:

  • How to go about enabling Intelligent Workflows in your organizations
  • Having a platform centric approach to scale
  • Common Challenges faced by Organizations
  • How best to leverage AI, Machine Learning to support Intelligent Workflows
  • Myth vs. Reality
  • How to workflow automation helps organizations

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