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Manufacturers face ever-evolving challenges

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From changing government policies, international trade wars, and growing environmental concerns are bringing huge paradigm shifts across the sector. All of which are further complicated by significant skills shortages, growing cyber threats, and evolving customer needs for greater personalization.

Manufacturers and suppliers must embrace Industry 4.0 to remain competitive, monetize the opportunities new technologies bring and drive change faster, safer and more reliably.

SS&C Blue Prism provides an interoperability solution for past, present, and future systems

We provide manufacturers the opportunity to integrate new technologies into existing and automated workflows.

Joining hands with Qualesce

Find out in this webinar how you can streamline your operations through an intelligent digital workforce built for manufacturing.

Speakers include:

•Welcome Address – Vijay Singh, CEO & Managing Director, IcSoft

•Intelligent Automation Updates - The Catalyst for Change for Smart Manufacturing - Girish Reddy, Head of Alliances and Channels – India, SS&C Blue Prism

•Keynote Address - Delivering Smart Manufacturing with Intelligent Process Automation - Andy Asava, Executive Chairman, Qualesce

•Demo - Nagaraj Sivakumar, Sales & Marketing Manager, Qualesce


Vijay Singh

Vijay Singh

CEO and Managing Director, IcSoft

Andy Asava qualesce

Andy Asava

Executive Chairman, Qualesce

Girish Reddy

Girish Reddy

Head of Alliances and Channels – India,
SS&C Blue Prism

Learn how Intelligent Process Automation can help manufacturers drive efficiencies, reduce cost and increase productivity across business functions in this brochure