On-demand Webinar: CFO.com Panel Discussion with Sony Music Entertainment

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Throughout the current pandemic, companies have had to adjust their business models at an unprecedented pace. More than ever, companies are seeking guidance from both finance and IT leaders about how to adapt quickly to unpredictable shifts in demand. To equip their companies to do so, finance and IT leaders are working together to determine which investments are necessary to enable their companies to accelerate the speed and scale of change. At the same time, finance and IT leaders are working with their fellow executives to determine which aspects of their companies’ operations lend themselves best to automation, and which require human expertise.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How finance and IT executives apply best practices in intelligent automation so that their companies can deploy resources as optimally as possible to sustain effective business models,
  • How finance and IT leaders can establish a compelling business case for intelligent automation, and
  • How they can partner effectively to implement it.


Mahsa Salarvand Headshot

Mahsa Salarvand

Vice President, Finance, Head of Global Office, Sony Music Entertainment

Terry Walby Headshot

Terry Walby

Chief Executive Officer, Blue Prism Cloud

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