The Modern CSP Is a Technology Company and IA Is a Differentiator

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Global telecoms revenue is flat, yet CSPs are expected to invest in capabilities that will help them transform their businesses to become more like software-driven cloud providers delivering digital, personalized experiences and services on demand. The need to become "telcos" requires that CSPs reimagine every part of their businesses. This becomes challenging when telcos are held back by traditional culture, legacy technology and processes, a shortage of skills, and regulation.

Intelligent Automation (IA) is helping operators jumpstart their digital transformation journeys. CSPs can achieve quick wins and cut costs significantly by automating repetitive, low-value tasks, such as logging into multiple systems, rekeying orders, adjusting bills, forwarding trouble tickets, raising alerts or initiating repairs. This frees up employees to perform high-value tasks like helping customers solve problems or developing new products and services.

Indeed, McKinsey & Company finds that businesses using intelligent automation are able to automate 50% to 70% of tasks, which results in 20% to 35% in cost savings annually. In addition, they see returns on investment in triple-digit percentages. According to the consultancy, operations centers, specifically, can cut costs by 30% to 60% using digital workers.

In This Webinar

We will hear from UK-based operator BT about how they have transformed key operations in their consumer business at great speed. All while delivering truly transformational outcomes and results with intelligent automation as a key enabling platform - done during the pandemic crisis. 

We will also discuss, more broadly, where to focus efforts with intelligent automation.

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