The Power of 2 - Unleashing the Power of People + Intelligent Automation

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A question for our audience: What if your best and most useful co-workers were ready to help you 24-7?

These co-workers would be ready and willing to summarize that critical piece of research over the weekend and have it ready for you by Monday morning. They could populate the monthly management reports on a bank holiday. And they’re never off on vacation and never sick.This is the digital workforce. It’s the future of automation, and something we’re working hard to help you realize.

Help from your digital co-worker

We’re approaching the point where people will work with a digital co-worker in the same way they work with any other co-worker, directing them to tasks, trusting them to understand and contextualize instructions, and then collaborating and taking feedback on the results.

Digital workers and people working together – giving you the power of two.

In this webinar, we explore exciting new innovations in robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation, and how digital robots not only automate your back-office workflows but also complement, augment and interact with your human workforce by utilizing artificial intelligence and, machine learning. and active learning. All with the goal to help you accelerate the business value of automation.

We’re joined by guest speaker, Bernhard Schaffrik, principal analyst at Forrester, Terry Walby, chief executive at Blue Prism Ventures, and a panel of experts in the RPA industry.

Bernhard Schaffrik, Principal Analyst at Forrester
Terry Walby, Chief Executive at Blue Prism Ventures

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