Webinar on demand: Innovate your insurance processes to unlock new sources of revenue with intelligent automation

Innovate claims processes with automation

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In this webinar on-demand, the insurance panel examines how intelligent automation can lay the foundation for creating new revenue streams and digital transformation.

In 2020, Covid-19 made it difficult for insurance companies to remain forward thinking – your priorities were forced to take a backseat to the more immediate concerns of your customer. As we emerge from the pandemic and begin to look again towards the future, it is clear that the world has been rewritten. Your technology needs to adapt as a result, or face becoming obsolete.

Join Martha Frye (Senior Vice President Claims, Nationwide), Tom Warden (Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Employers) and Gary Smith (Vice President Strategy, Blue Prism) to learn how do carriers keep up with the changing requirements of technology in a post-pandemic world?

Here's what you can learn by viewing this webinar:

  • What does it really mean to redefine your business with digital? How are insurance companies using digital to achieve their transformation goals?
  • How to keep pace with digital innovation in the insurance community using intelligent automation and other communication tools.
  • What technology driven strategies do the most profitable digital thought leaders employ to stay ahead of the competition?
  • How to redefine the workflow with automation to make working cycles faster and more efficient. What is the right mix of technologies to do this?
  • Discover which automation tools in the market will help to deliver enterprise-wide transformation, providing the value of innovation with products and revenue streams.

Watch our on-demand webinar.

You can find out more about intelligent automation for insurance here.


Martha Frye

Martha Frye

Senior Vice President Claims, Nationwide

Tom Warden

Tom Warden

Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Employers

Gary Smith

Gary Smith

Vice President Strategy, Blue Prism

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