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A Fast and Flexible Future for Retail

Bringing Retailers together to Discuss Automation

In a recent virtual roundtable, Blue Prism brought together leading innovation and business leaders from across the retail industry. They shared their experiences of automation software and digital transformation over the last year; a year in which many retailers have been pushed to their operational limits, and where automation has played a pivotal role in enabling some retailers to respond successfully to the pandemic.

When asked to describe the biggest challenges they have faced over the last year, delegates unanimously pointed to uncertainty and the constant need to adapt to a rapidly evolving environment. While the various segments of the retail sector have fared differently over the past 12 months, one shared truth is that businesses have been required to innovate quickly to survive.

In some instances, the pandemic has exposed shortcomings in established business continuity and disaster recovery plans; therefore, companies have had to innovate in real-time to maintain operations and meet customer and employee needs.

Download the full whitepaper to discover how Intelligent automation has played a critical role in providing retailers with the agility and resilience they’ve needed to react to changing customer needs and spin operations up and down at a moment’s notice during the pandemic.

Inside you'll learn:

  • How Digital Workers can drive digital transformation
  • Picking a governance model for automation
  • How to use automation in your retail organization

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