White Paper

A New Era of Integrated Care

“There is good evidence that when it comes to developing integrated care systems, technology needs to be considered from the outset and not as an add on.... .”
Sarah Scobie, Nuffield Trust

Overcoming the key challenges with a Digital Workforce

As Covid forces closer collaboration across care providers and exposes the cracks in the system, Integrated Care is climbing the global healthcare agenda

In a world where working together is more important than ever, establishing collective strategies, managing shared resources, setting the benchmark for best practice and standardizing care is topping the priority list for boards across the world.

It has been widely documented that technology will be central to meeting these challenges however synergizing large technology ecosystems and operating models presents a whole new challenge.

In this eBook, we assess the key obstacles to achieving integrated care and the ways Intelligent Automation can be strategically applied to drive efficiency and build agility and resilience into the operational core.

Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding the intersection between Integrated Care and Patient Experience, and how a Digital Workforce can support this
  • A closer look at the key challenges to achieving integrated care and how these can be overcome
  • Real-world examples of how healthcare systems are putting these solutions into action

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