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AI for the Masses

“…the digital workforce has become the conduit to a whole new world of advanced capabilities for the business teams who are desperate to automate and innovate.”

Democratizing AI for Business 

Organizations in all industries have realized the importance of AI and have made investments in it to re-shape their business model so that it is more responsive, more efficient, and more resilient. Many of these same organizations, however, have struggled with getting the ROI they expected.

Companies have been building teams of data scientists for years, and this particular job continues to be one of the hardest to fill in the market. The data scientists are typically enabled with many flavors of AI to do their job effectively. But are the outputs of these efforts really demonstrating enough value and at a pace that the market demands? Recent studies suggest that they are not.

The Missing Link: The Digital Workforce

The digital workforce just may be the “missing link.” The age of Robotic Process Automation has quickly evolved into the age of Intelligent Automation. Digital workers can now easily tap into AI and other cognitive technologies to deliver business process automation where intelligent skills are needed. Digital workers can now see, hear, learn, detect patterns, collaborate, etc. As a result, automation that is truly “intelligent” can help an organization realize the full potential of AI.

Download this white paper to find out:

  • AI momentum and why it’s important to democratize this capability to the business
  • AI challenges that have diminished its impact
  • How digital workers provide the “glue” between AI and business processes
  • Real-life examples of intelligent automation and the business benefits realized
  • How to get started with intelligent automation journey

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