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Back Office Automation — Starter Kit

Back office automation

Whether you are just starting out with automation, or your current intelligent automation project has stalled, looking in the back office for ‘everyday’ processes is simple way to reinvigorate your strategy.

However, searching for ideal automation candidates in your day-to-day operation can feel overwhelming. Either teams become caught up in the excitement around automation and you’re bombarded with requests or quite the opposite, with employees being unsure whether their process fits the criteria for automation.

The good news is that you’re not alone. Whether you are experiencing radio silence or organizational-wide noise, we’re here to help you go back to basics.

In this guide you'll find out:

  • Why the back office is a good place to start out with intelligent automation
  • Starting your first wave of automation in the back-office
  • 5 characteristics of ideal back office candidates
  • Detailed insight into functions suited to automation
  • The benefits of applying automation to back office processes
  • And much more

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