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Becoming Strategic with Intelligent Automation in Telecommunications

Becoming Strategic with intelligent automation in telecoms

Today, telecommunication organizations must deliver operational efficiency and reduced capital expenditure with improved customer experiences, higher revenues, and greater business and operational resilience.

For telco leaders, the ongoing pandemic and economic crisis has accelerated and amplified these trends that were already redefining success in the industry. As a result, tackling imperatives such as master data management, connecting customer journeys and reshaping customer focus, have been expedited to secure prosperity.

In this new research paper from Knowledge Capital Partners, Becoming strategic with intelligent automation in telecommunications, Dr. John Hindle and Dr. Leslie Willcocks spoke with three telecommunications organizations about how they are using intelligent automation to deliver on their strategic aims

Inside you'll find out:

  • The recognition of intelligent automation as a strategic business lever
  • How three telecommunications organizations are using intelligent automation to transform the way they serve customers
  • How telecommunications leaders are streamlining data flows with intelligent automation

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