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Becoming Strategic with Intelligent Automation in Utilities

Differentiating Customer Experience in Utilities with Intelligent Automation

Few industries have been as burdened by change over the last few years as utilities. Industry restructuring, globalization, deregulation, and digital technologies have upended a traditionally stable and comfortable operating model.

In this challenging industry environment, utilities organizations must find solutions to deliver growth to their customer base, while keeping costs down and delivering a reliable service. For both challenger and incumbent providers, this starts first and foremost with delivering a differentiated customer experience, so they can stand out from the competition.

In this new research paper from Knowledge Capital Partners, Becoming strategic with intelligent automation in utilitiesDr. John Hindle and Dr. Leslie Willcocks spoke with three energy & utilities organizations about how they are differentiating customer experience using intelligent automation.

Inside you'll find out:

  • The lifecycle of a utilities customer
  • How three utilities organizations are differentiating their customer experience with a digital workforce
  • The different approach taken by challenger brands with intelligent automation

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