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Blue Prism’s enterprise platform for software robotics provides new levels of security and governance to process execution and delivery, whilst operating in a non-invasive way thus providing agility to the business.
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Data is at the heart of almost every modern enterprise. Information drives sales, enables customer insight and generates growth through repeat business. It is also an essential component of good customer service, with few organisations managing to offer a differentiated service without good data quality.

The Blue Prism virtual workforce enables stronger oversight, protection, and improvement of data quality within an organisation. The Blue Prism virtual workers perform data quality activities with a depth of granularity that would be inconceivable for their human equivalents. Use of centrally stored, re-useable processes, allows consistent data quality rules to be applied to any business process as the Blue Prism robots fulfil operational process execution. Furthermore Blue Prism is unlike many traditional automation tools because, rather than being deployed to user’s desktops, it is deployed to the data-center and therefore processes large backlogs in an efficient manner, under the governance of IT, whilst also providing full visibility of every action and decision taken.

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