Business Process Management: Orchestrating Your Organization’s Digital Transformation

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  • Understand how BPM connects your people and digital workers to create a single, collaborative team
  • Transform customer experiences by tailoring processes using BPM
  • Discover how BPM enables organizations to mitigate operational risk, scale enterprise-wide, and accelerate straight-through processing

Reinvent the way you work with SS&C | Blue Prism Chorus. Chorus BPM provides total visibility into your processes so you can orchestrate and manage end-to-end workflows, predict outcomes, strengthen performance, and continuously deliver higher ROI. Chorus helps you scale your intelligent automation for a bold and complete transformation of your organization.

Unify your workforce, transform journeys, and scale enterprise-wide with BPM. 

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Chorus [BPM] took very specific rules and data sets and ingested all the information, cleansed it, and put it into our required format, connecting to our existing RPA processes and minimizing human intervention once the programming was done. Now we’re getting information updates on a regular basis.

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