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Connect the dots on claims management with Intelligent Automation

Insurance Claims Management Automation

Download the ebook to learn how Intelligent Automation can transform claims to create a better-connected insurance enterprise.

Even the most straightforward insurance claims cases are not necessarily simple to handle for the insurer. A claim touches many people and systems inside and, often, outside an insurance organization on its journey from FNOL to settlement. An intelligent digital workforce, which supports employees to speed up tasks, can create a connected claims function, where claims are settled faster, with better customer communication and at a lower cost to the insurer. Our ebook is about the key stages of the claims journey which could be better connected with intelligent automation to future-proof the insurance enterprise.

In this ebook, you will learn about

  • First notice of loss - collecting and processing customer claim information
  • How Intelligent Automation can improve fraud detection
  • How the automated contact center can delight customers yet reduce call time
  • Customer communication with the help of intelligent digital workers
  • How claims process automation can deliver business efficiencies 
  • A more efficient claims adjustment and settlement process
  • Faster renewal or cancellation with intelligent automation

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