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COVID-19 and the Rail Industry - the urgent challenge and the golden opportunity

The UK rail industry is facing the biggest challenge in its 200-year history. The COVID-19 pandemic saw use of National Rail services drop to as low as 4% of typical usage patterns during the height of lockdown restrictions. Even at the time of writing, in August 2020, daily usage remains at around 25% of figures recorded in 20191 and is not expected to increase significantly over the coming months.

With all the challenges facing rail firms, including ageing infrastructure, legacy stock and increasing costs, the one thing no-one could have predicted was a fall in passengers.

This ebook examines the new challenges the industry is experiencing up against existing ones, and how intelligent automation can be deployed to ease the crisis now and pave the way for the future.

In this ebook:

  • Breaking down the COVID-19 challenge
  • What does the future look like and how can rail companies move ahead
  • Innovation in the rail industry and barriers to change
  • Digital transformation driven by automation
  • Reimagining rail - use cases for innovation with intelligent automation

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