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Managing Risk More Effectively Through Intelligent Automation

Download this ebook to learn the way forward of bridging the current knowledge gap and how to equip compliance teams with the automation tools they need to be fully prepared.

In this ebook you'll also get access to these six important case studies:

  • African bank meets critical deadline with compliance automation
  • Global bank investigates anti-money laundering alerts
  • Middle Eastern bank reduces fraud with fully automated account profiling
  • British bank automates fraud handling, saving time and limiting customer risk
  • Regional bank manages bounced customer payments more fairly and consistently
  • European bank keeps customers happy during onboarding process

A Guide to Risk and Compliance Overseen by Intelligent Automation

According to a report undertaken by SS&C Blue Prism and the International Compliance Association (ICA) with professionals across the world, the vast majority (86%) of teams need to deal with bigger workloads than they did even two years ago. Risk and compliance teams also need to react quickly when new sanctions against companies and individuals are introduced overnight, as happened during the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

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