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Eliminating the NHS Cancer Care Backlog

While creating capacity for Covid-19 patients was crucial to deal with the initial outbreak, it has slowed down the effective diagnosis and treatment of cancer across the UK. Coping with the pandemic has meant that routine screenings, urgent referrals, and treatments have been delayed or canceled, leading to a huge backlog of patients requiring care. The impact statistics are staggering with urgent cancer referrals down 60%.1 Cancer Research UK states that since lockdown started, around 2 million fewer tests that help diagnose cancer have taken place.

During this whitepaper, Blue Prism outlines how NHS Trusts across the country are capitalising on medical expertise and augmenting it with digital workers to create innovative solutions for better cancer treatment that neither human nor machine could achieve by working independently. 

Download now to learn:

  • How NHS Trusts are taking action with Automation to ensure a robust response to the cancer care backlog
  • How Digital Workers are enabling new ways of working across the NHS
  • How your Trust could be putting Digital Workers to task

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