White Paper

Placing empathy at the center of your claims strategy, supported by intelligent automation

How combining technology with empathy will strengthen your insurance claims process and build customer loyalty

In this ebook:

  • How the pandemic is driving a change in approach to insurance claims services
  • What do customers want from the claims process?
  • The role of intelligent automation in claims management
  • Creating the right environment for an empathetic customer experience
  • A people-first approach to meeting customer goals with technology

The claims process is perhaps the one area of insurance where customers have the chance to connect emotionally with an insurance brand and which can truly build loyalty. In a time of crisis for the customer, your claims team has the opportunity to be empathetic both in one-to-one conversations and in the management of the claim itself.

Intelligent automation therefore does more for a claims team than simply making processes more efficient. It can help make a real difference to a customer who desperately needs their claim settled quickly: to a driver waiting by the side of the road; or to a family who have lost their home in a natural disaster. Automating the processes that drive the claim gives handlers the tools and data they need, as well as the time back, to spend with the customers that need extra attention or who have complex claims to navigate.

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