Why now is the right time to prepare for the future of work

You needn’t look far to see that businesses have changed rapidly, particularly over the last two years. Unsurprisingly, the capabilities of intelligent automation continue to play a dynamic role in this transformation. In fact, automation is transforming the way the world works and ushering in a new era of productivity and innovation.

With its ability to streamline and even eliminate repetitive, administrative and service-based processes, automation is among the leading breakthrough technologies reshaping the future and impacting your workforce. As other technologies improve and organizations accelerate their productivity and efficiency goals, your people will need help keeping up the pace and that starts with a digital-first mindset at the business level.

Our clients are already embedding automation into more and more processes and workflows across their businesses, slashing costs, skyrocketing efficiencies, and making their people a whole lot happier and productive in the process.

It's not hard to imagine why such drastic changes are taking place. After all, the year 2020 catalyzed the uptake of everything from remote conferencing software and virtual events to the standardization of remote working across the entire enterprise. As a result, businesses have had to reinvent entire processes for brainstorming, presenting, communicating, and keeping teams together, threatening even the necessity of the office itself.

Given this new landscape and resultant move toward digital-first strategies, one thing organizations should prepare for now, if they haven’t already, is the adjustment and change management that must occur to adapt to this rapid pace of technological change. Secondly, organizations must realize that many forward-thinking businesses are already automating processes to improve product and service experiences, maintain business continuity in the face of disruption, and streamline operations across the entire enterprise.

So why now?

It's better to be ready and adaptable to the future than remain at risk of being outmoded, disrupted, or rendered unable to compete. Whereas mobilizing teams, channeling resources, and accelerating learning and development takes more time to build up, disruption and obsolescence can strike industries fast. You need to be ready.

The pace of technological change is rapid – and it pays to run an organization that's ahead of the game not only resource-wise but culturally. You want people in your corner who are empowered and able to take on the day-to-day, complex, and even unexpected with the necessary tools and skills, as well as the resilience and confidence that automation enables.

But why the urgency? in a recent podcast, Blue Prism's Michael Marchuk and co-founder of WorkMarket Jeff Wald explain how the future of work will face inevitable reinvention. While it previously took four to six years to develop all the skills you'd ever need to work and retire comfortably, nowadays that same time period marks the life expectancy of most digital skills.

Pondering how people can prepare for what’s next, Jeff Wald asks: "Technology tends to change a lot faster than people change, so as technological advances shape the way job roles are made, how can people adapt to these new roles?"

Workers in a digital-first era must constantly upskill and upgrade their knowledge to remain relevant and competitive to keep companies succeeding. Forward-thinking companies know this and wield resources and expertise to guide their teams through change.

Get prepared

Blue Prism is in a unique position to guide organizations through rapid change and help teams adapt to the future of work. As pioneers in automation, we know what it takes to rally teams, ready leaders and help your organization approach an unclear and unknown future with confidence. And our customers' unique experiences have taught us a lot along the way.

This series is a journey in how to prepare for and ultimately succeed at, integrating automation into your organization while empowering a thriving digital-first workforce. Besides acquiring knowledge and insights for effectively applying automation to your processes, you'll also get a better understanding of how to motivate your people and navigate obstacles to bring your organization up to speed.

Ready to start your journey? Let’s dive in.

02 Ensure teams get the most from automation

Technology is only as successful as the people who believe in it. Besides dispelling myths around automation replacing people, we explore strategies for embedding RPA and intelligent automation into your organization's culture – how to implement digital workers into human-run workflows, how best to land the message with your team, and how leaders can help employees realize the many benefits of automation in their everyday roles.

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03 How organizations and people win with intelligent automation

Want to know how real companies have enjoyed success with automation? Dive into a few of our favorite case studies and come away with strategies for igniting similar breakthroughs in your organization.

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04 Making way for change

This part of the journey focuses on how organizations can remove those obstacles that impede automation implementation and slow time to value. From bottlenecks to barriers, we also examine how process/task mining and interoperability play a role in activating change in intelligent automation software and technology.

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05 Scaling intelligent automation across your organization

Discover how to build a solid foundation for automation and a unified workforce that supports, sustains, and stabilizes business and automation growth. We also explore how cloud innovation can scale intelligent automation even faster.

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06 Developing a healthy automation pipeline

With your automation momentum on the up, we explore short- and long-term strategies to help you populate and manage a healthy and active pipeline of automation opportunities. Discover the value that a center of excellence can bring to process intelligence and identify exciting, new opportunities for automation.

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07 Learning, improvements, and planning for long-term success

So, what comes next for the future workforce? We explore what organizations can do to prepare and thrive during and beyond the 4th Industrial Revolution and a post-pandemic WFH-first landscape, as well as how intelligent automation can provide the agility companies need while empowering workers for the future.

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