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Global Healthcare Survey Report: A New Era of Patient Experience

The solution to the challenges that healthcare organizations face across the world is to do more for patients with the same resources or less."

A New Era of Patient Experience is Dawning

The healthcare landscape is quickly evolving, with new challenges and regulations constantly reshaping how services are delivered. Historically, these changes have been underpinned by people: plugging the gaps that systems can't fill and working harder and longer to meet expectations. We don't need to tell you that this isn't sustainable. Staffing shortages and burnout rates speak for themselves.

Thankfully change is on the horizon, and portions of healthcare organizations are already reimagining processes and services with technologies that are fueling a new era of healthcare provision.

To understand this in more detail, we surveyed 400 senior leaders from healthcare organizations across the globe, to get a glimpse of the role automation plays in their organization and their hopes for the future.

What's inside?

- An in-depth view of automation within the healthcare industry so far
- An overview of the key benefits, challenges, and aspirations for healthcare leaders with automation
- Insights into how these trends differ by region

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