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HFMA Report | Unlocking Efficiencies with Digital Workers: A Strategic Approach to Meeting the NHS Long-Term Plan

“Digital transformation is essential to the NHS’s long-term plan to improve services and will need a high-quality implementation plan. The NHS long- term plan (2019) states that digitally enabled care will be rolled out across the NHS to help transform the provision of services and it sets ambitious targets. However, there is no digital implementation plan setting out how this will be done in clear detail, including the role of national bodies, and to a realistic schedule."
- National Audit Office, Digital Transformation in the NHS, May 2020

Meeting the challenge of the NHS long-term plan continues as the NHS determines how to meet normal demand for its services while managing the backlog built up over the first wave of Covid-19 and the ongoing impact of the pandemic. In order to do this, boards will have to think radically and transform the way the NHS works. Part of meeting this challenge will mean embracing the power of technology.

HFMA has interviewed and surveyed NHS and Public Sector organizations from across the UK to understand the approach they're taking to meet the challenges of the NHS long-term plan, and the role Intelligent Automation plays in this. 

Download the report to:

  • Gain crucial insight into what Intelligent Automation means to the NHS 
  • Learn how Trusts across the UK are using this technology 
  • Understand how you can build your business case for automation 

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