White Paper

How Intelligent Automation is Driving Transformation in the Public Sector

The evolution of RPA into Intelligent Automation

Robotic process automation is now a fixture in many public sector organizations, and as it evolves into intelligent automation (IA) it is providing an impressive new digital capability to support transformation.

Intelligent automation driving transformation

Blue Prism, in partnership with UK Authority, has produced a whitepaper on the issue – Intelligent automation driving transformation – which investigates this potential. It explores the evolution of automation, its core benefits for the public sector and the experiences of several bodies that have begun to harness its power.

The paper provides valuable insights into a capability that is set to become an important tool in the transformation of public services.

What's Inside:

  • How intelligent automation can transform the public sector
  • Benefits of intelligent automation in the public sector
  • Experience and key learning points from UK public sector organizations

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