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IBM Report: The Era of Extreme Automation

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You’ll find out: 

  • What is driving organizations to invest at scale in automation software and AI.
  • The imminent evolution from Intelligent Automation to Extreme Automation.
  • The key benefits of extreme automation across the organizational functions.
  • How a consumer goods giant is using automation to reengineer dozens of workflows across IT, finance and supply chain. 

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    The critical need to accelerate enterprise transformation

    Change is hard. And change at scale – business transformation at an enterprise level – comes with cost and risk. This is why many automation initiatives remained siloed and why digital readiness lagged for many firms. But a global pandemic has shifted the risk proposition to where failing to change is no longer an option. Organizations must accelerate and scale business process automation in order to have the resiliency and agility to thrive. Among the drivers of this change, there are three key elements to consider: volatile demand, industry disruption, and workforce productivity.

    Many of these drivers are encapsulated in the Cognitive Enterprise, a model for transformation that leverages the power of exponential technologies – including AI and automation – to change business models, reinvent processes, and reimagine the way we work.

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