White Paper

ICA Report Building a New Kind of Workforce

Download this report to find out how the International Compliance Association (ICA) addresses complexity in risk and compliance through intelligent automation.

Inside this report you will read about:

  • automating and speeding up manual jobs with risk and compliance automation
  • freeing up time that can be used to upskill the workforce
  • creating more engaged employees
  • building a clear audit trail for tasks and decisions
  • improving the accuracy of checks and reporting
  • accelerating response times by the risk and compliance team

    Learn how teams overcome risk and compliance challenges

    This report from ICA and SS&C Blue Prism comes at a challenging time for risk and compliance teams within financial services firms. They face hurdles in areas of geopolitical unrest and the climate crisis, to the rising cost of living and the global pandemic. To respond to the changing business environment banks are already automating basic processes such as KYC and AML checks. They're also communicating the benefits of digital workers to their senior decision makers.

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