White Paper

How Governments Can Better Serve Through Intelligent Automation

Modernize Processes With New Technologies to Enhance Public Sector Culture

Government agencies face many challenges, including the pressure to modernize and improve citizen services, accommodate tight budgets and support increasing workloads. These problems are intensified by recruitment and retention challenges brought on by the decreasing desire to join the government workforce due to its overall legacy environment.

Despite these issues, citizens expect the same fast and personalized service from the public sector as they get from online retailers and commercial service providers. In search of an innovative solution, agencies are looking for new technologies. Intelligent automation (IA) uses digital workers to help government agencies securely do more with less while staying compliant and expediting the government’s need to transform.

However, as agencies start to consider artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and other leading-edge technologies, they are hesitant because of the perception that these new approaches—and how they integrate with legacy systems—are complex.

This e-book will show how organizations in the public sector use intelligent automation and AI-powered digital workers to optimize citizen services while saving employees time.

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