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Intelligent automation in local government during Covid-19 and beyond

We had staff telling us how the introduction of digital workers within their teams had completely changed their jobs, freed them up from repetitive tasks and allowed them to focus on what they are best at – helping deliver better services and outcomes for citizens."
Gus Niven Intelligent Automation Manager, The City of Edinburgh Council

The COVID-19 pandemic is pushing councils to breaking point, with dramatically increased demand for services set against a backdrop of crippling budget cuts and resourcing challenges.

Transforming public services with intelligent automation

Intelligent automation has the potential to transform public services and for local government, in particular, to free up time for frontline staff; to optimize service delivery across councils; to manage costs; and provide agility and resilience in a turbulent, unpredictable environment.

But how should councils approach intelligent automation to deliver maximum results and introduce digital workers into their operations in a sensitive and sustainable way? Where should they focus their initial automation efforts? And what skills, governance and cultures do they need to establish in order to deliver success?

Download this paper to hear how three local government leaders rolled out intelligent automation in their councils and find out 8 key pieces of advice for your organization.

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