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Managing insurance claims surges with intelligent automation

How to manage claims more efficiently using intelligent automation

Insurance providers have long experienced regular surges in claims, and the ability to resource this efficiently is critical to controlling claims costs and operational overheads. 

As a result, insurers are increasingly looking at how they can make better use of technology to complement their frontline claims staff during these surges – to make sure that service remains consistent, that settlement times do not suffer and legitimate claims are paid as promptly as possible. 

How insurers are pushing automation to the top of the claims agenda

RPA, and increasingly intelligent automation, is already present in the tech stack of many insurers but recent events are pushing it and more importantly, intelligent automation, towards the top of the agenda. Intelligent digital workers can help to control the cost of claims at first notification of loss and the speed at which claims are handled and settled, by creating faster more efficient connections between the stages of the claims process, while taking on some of the more intelligent tasks that help to improve service. 

Because a digital workforce can be scaled up when surges occur and scaled back during quieter times, it is an ideal tool to support fluctuating demand. 

This ebook, written in partnership with Insurance Post, explores how insurance providers are using technology including automation to support their claims function.

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