White Paper

Mobilizing a Digital Workforce to Reimagine Compliance

Financial services companies have done some truly amazing things to keep the world’s economy moving during the COVID-19 pandemic. With customers and employees at home, they’ve adapted quickly, setting up new products and services, lending billions and deferring payments in record time in order to keep businesses and families afloat.

How were they able to transform so quickly? Many organizations turned to intelligent automation as their answer, turning processes that would normally take months into days.

With all the changes required by a global pandemic, COVID-19 has propelled industry leaders to view automation through a different lens. Instead of seeing automation simply as a productivity improvement tool, they’re now catching a new vision where digital and human workforces collaborate allowing each to bring their best to work every day.

In this industry briefing paper, you’ll learn more about some of the new ways that intelligent automation is being adopted within the financial services sector in areas such as compliance and customer onboarding. Read on to learn about:

  • Building a resilient global delivery model through a digital workforce in order to reduce operational risk caused by employee unavailability and office closures
  • Digitizing operations across product lines for a fast, efficient and consistent customer journey
  • Bringing new products to customers with an ROI unachievable using traditional methods
  • Breathing new life into legacy systems without the need for costly transformation
  • Making a strategic shift in the employment pyramid by focusing human workers in critical customer-facing roles

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