White Paper

The Need for Outside-in Business Models in Retail

Bridging technology gaps with “outside-in” business models

In a recent discussion hosted at Retail CIO Connect, Blue Prism brought together two IT leaders from Pets at Home and the Very Group to explore the extent to which retailers are prepared for continuous disruption and rapid change set to become the new norm within the industry.

The session explored how technologists can navigate traditional IT barriers to deliver next-gen experiences to both customers and staff. They also discuss how an “outside-in” business model enables retailers to continuously listen to customers and deliver new services that speak to their needs.

Download this paper to discover how intelligent automation is a critical asset for retail organizations looking to transform to meet customer expectations, and embed the operational agility and speed that will be needed to thrive in the future.

What’s inside the paper:

  • Why an outside-in approach to transformation is key
  • Why digital workers have come to the fore during the pandemic
  • How retail leaders are reimagining customer experience in the new normal
  • How to deliver operational agility and transform the supply chain with intelligent automation

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