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Regional Results USA: 2020 Global Survey Report

The Impact of a Digital Workforce on Business Agility & Survival

The role of automation in our lives is changing rapidly to adjust to the demands of the world around us. Delivering new insights into the future of work, Blue Prism, announced the findings of its annual global survey (RPA), which is pivotal to how organizations will survive and thrive in the global economy.

What the Numbers Tell Us

94% of business decision makers plan to extend the use of automation across their business.
82% of business decision makers are excited at the opportunities that automation will create.
73% of knowledge workers believe that using tech to automate tasks would improve their work life.

About the report

This study is part of a global study conducted by independent research firm Sapio on behalf of Blue Prism. 1,725 business decision makers (those with a final say over budget spend of technology implementations) and 5,063 knowledge workers (workers whose main capital is knowledge, whose job is to “think for a living” and who have access to technology as part of their day-to-day jobs). All respondents worked in organizations with 250+ employees in which automation had already been adopted.

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